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Business Creation Meeting Agenda

  1. Introduction and Welcome
  2. Overview of the Entrepreneur's Business Creation Project
  3. Discussion on the Entrepreneur's Goals and Objectives
  4. Review of Market Research and Analysis
  5. Identification of Target Audience and Customer Segments
  6. Development of Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  7. Discussion on Business Model and Revenue Streams
  8. Evaluation of Resources and Budgeting
  9. Planning for Marketing and Promotion
  10. Discussion on Operations and Logistics
  11. Identification of Key Milestones and Timelines
  12. Next Steps and Action Plan
    • a. Assigning Tasks and Responsibilities
    • b. Setting Deadlines
    • c. Follow-up and Progress Tracking
  13. Closing Remarks and Conclusion
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About Business Creation Meeting Agenda

This meeting agenda is designed to discuss the young entrepreneur's business creation project and provide guidance and advice for building a sustainable and reliable venture. The agenda covers various aspects of the creation process, including market research, target audience identification, business model development, resource evaluation, marketing planning, operations, and key milestones. The goal is to provide comprehensive guidance so that further meetings are not required for the entrepreneur to build their project.

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