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First Board Meeting - Non-Profit

  1. Introduction and Welcome
  2. Review and Approval of Agenda
  3. Defining the Mission
    • a. Discuss the purpose and goals of the non-profit organization
    • b. Brainstorm ideas for the mission statement
    • c. Finalize the mission statement
  4. Establishing Board Roles
    • a. Discuss the roles and responsibilities of board members
    • b. Assign specific roles to board members
  5. Fundraising Strategies
    • a. Brainstorm different fundraising ideas
    • b. Evaluate the feasibility and potential impact of each idea
    • c. Select the most promising fundraising strategies
  6. Planning Initial Short-Term Goals
    • a. Identify short-term goals for the non-profit
    • b. Discuss strategies and action plans to achieve these goals
    • c. Assign responsibilities for each goal
  7. Next Steps and Action Items
    • a. Summarize the key decisions and action items from the meeting
    • b. Assign responsible parties and set deadlines for each action item
  8. Closing Remarks
  9. Adjournment
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About First Board Meeting - Non-Profit

The agenda for the first board meeting of the non-profit organization is focused on defining the mission, establishing board roles, brainstorming fundraising strategies, and planning initial short-term goals. The meeting aims to set the stage for the organization's journey and ensure alignment among board members.

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