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Improving Interpersonal Communication

  1. Introduction and Welcome
  2. Review of Previous Meeting Minutes
  3. Discussion on Current Communication Challenges
    • a. Identify specific issues
    • b. Share personal experiences
    • c. Discuss impact on the relationship
  4. Brainstorming Solutions
    • a. Generate ideas for improvement
    • b. Encourage open and honest communication
    • c. Consider individual communication styles
  5. Evaluation of Proposed Solutions
    • a. Assess feasibility and effectiveness
    • b. Prioritize solutions
  6. Action Planning
    • a. Assign responsibilities
    • b. Set deadlines
    • c. Establish communication guidelines
  7. Next Steps and Follow-up
    • a. Determine date and time for next meeting
    • b. Recap action items
    • c. Agree on follow-up measures
  8. Closing Remarks
  9. Adjournment
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About Improving Interpersonal Communication

This meeting agenda is designed to facilitate a discussion between the two individuals in a romantic relationship about their interpersonal communication and how they can improve it together. The agenda includes various topics such as identifying communication challenges, brainstorming solutions, evaluating proposed solutions, action planning, and determining next steps and follow-up measures.

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