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LinkedIn Workshop Agenda

  1. Introduction and Welcome
  2. Overview of Workshop Goals and Objectives
  3. Icebreaker Activity
  4. Focus: LinkedIn Company Page (2 hours)
    • a. Introduction to the LinkedIn Company Page and its importance
    • b. Creation and optimization of an appealing Company Page
    • c. Content strategies for the Company Page
    • d. Use of LinkedIn Analytics to optimize the Company Page
    • e. Best practices and case studies
  5. Impulse: What does LinkedIn do? (1 hour)
    • a. Introduction to LinkedIn for B2B IT sales
    • b. Personal branding & role of own LinkedIn profile
    • c. Building a relevant network
    • d. Relationship building and maintenance
    • e. Personalized approach
    • f. Measuring success and ROI on LinkedIn
  6. Worksession: How do I incorporate LinkedIn into my daily life? (3 hours)
    • a. Application of techniques and best practices
  7. - How do I manage my content?
  8. - What tools support me in this?
  9. - How can I effectively integrate the company page into my content strategy?
    • a. Regular visibility activities
  10. - for the personal profile
  11. - for the company page
    • a. Regular activities for relationship building and maintenance
    • b. Tips & tricks on frequency, content formats and planning structure for both the personal and company page
  12. Wrap-up and Q&A
  13. Evaluation and Feedback
  14. Closing Remarks
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About LinkedIn Workshop Agenda

The LinkedIn Workshop is a 6-hour training session designed to teach employees of a tech company how to use LinkedIn properly. The workshop will focus on LinkedIn Company Pages, personal branding, and integrating LinkedIn into daily life. The agenda includes various topics such as the importance of LinkedIn Company Pages, creation and optimization of appealing Company Pages, content strategies, LinkedIn Analytics, personal branding, building a relevant network, relationship building and maintenance, and measuring success on LinkedIn. The workshop will also include hands-on sessions for employees to learn how to incorporate LinkedIn into their daily life effectively. The agenda is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of LinkedIn and its benefits for professional networking and personal branding.

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