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Meeting Agenda Template for Small Business

  1. Introductions and Icebreaker
    • a. Brief overview of meeting agenda
    • b. Establishing meeting objectives
  2. Review of Previous Action Items
    • a. Status update on action items from last meeting
    • b. Identification of completed and pending tasks
  3. Best Practices for Running Effective Meetings
    • a. Time management strategies
    • b. Engagement techniques for all participants
    • c. Utilizing technology for virtual meetings
  4. Skills and Disciplines Required for Successful Meeting Facilitation
    • a. Communication skills
    • b. Decision-making abilities
    • c. Conflict resolution techniques
  5. Open Discussion on Meeting Agenda Improvement
    • a. Suggestions for future agenda items
    • b. Feedback on current meeting format
  6. Setting Action Items for Next Meeting
    • a. Assigning responsibilities for follow-up tasks
    • b. Establishing deadlines for action items
  7. Closing Remarks and Adjournment
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About Meeting Agenda Template for Small Business

This meeting agenda template is designed to help small businesses facilitate discussions on running effective meeting agendas and the necessary skills and disciplines required for successful facilitation. The agenda includes items such as introductions, review of previous action items, best practices for meetings, required skills, open discussion for improvement, setting action items, and closing remarks.

Introducing Boardshape

Our board management software can be a valuable tool when streamlining your virtual meetings. Our agenda builder allows you to:

  • Collaboratively create an agenda Assign agenda items to participants
  • Collect all the meeting materials in a centralized location.
  • Include live polls for decision making.
  • Easily track follow up communication through comment sections for each item.
  • Our presentation mode keeps everyone in sync during the meeting with the right documents at everyones’ finger tips at the right time.
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