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Progress Meeting Agenda Template

  1. Update on the Progress of evidence submission for Q4
    • a. Status of data collection
    • b. Challenges faced
  2. Update on the Filing Project - AR audit evidence
    • a. Review of completed files
    • b. Pending files to be submitted
  3. Update on the digital system - test run
    • a. Feedback from test users
    • b. Next steps for implementation
  4. Update on MTSF indicator document for AR 2023/24
    • a. Key milestones achieved
    • b. Timeline for completion
  5. Any other matters
  6. Closure
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About Progress Meeting Agenda Template

This meeting agenda template outlines the key items to be discussed during a progress meeting, including updates on evidence submission, filing project, digital system test run, and MTSF indicator document for AR 2023/24. The template also includes a section for any other matters that may arise during the meeting, followed by the closure.

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