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Race Runners Meeting Agenda

  1. Confirm Location Pick Up Collection Points for Goodies
  2. Confirm Location Pick Up Point for Vouchers
  3. Will You Be Running with Your Plus One or Will Your Plus One Be Cheering
  4. Meeting Spot
  5. Celebratory Spot
  6. Record Your Time and Share It With Others
    • a. Participating Employees are Responsible for Arranging Their Transport to and from the Race
    • b. Participating Employees Will Inform Their Line Manager as Courtesy
    • c. If Employees Have Any Pre-existing Health Conditions, We Advise Them from Participating in this Activity or Seek Medical Checkup/ Clearance Before They Do So
    • d. Employees Will Not Hold the Business Liable for Any Accidents/ Incidents on the Day
  7. (Find a Standard Email for Racers)
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About Race Runners Meeting Agenda

The race runners meeting agenda is focused on coordinating logistics, confirming participation details, and ensuring a smooth experience for all employees involved in the upcoming race event. It includes important guidelines and responsibilities for participants, as well as contact information for further inquiries.

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