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Sage Team Retreat Agenda

  1. Introduction and Welcome
    • a. Overview of the Retreat Goals and Objectives
    • b. Review of Sage Values
  2. Team Bonding Activities
    • a. Icebreaker Game
    • b. Team Building Exercise
  3. Deep Work Sessions
    • a. Setting the Tone for Deep Work
    • b. Individual Work Time
    • c. Group Work and Collaboration
  4. Location and Travel Logistics
    • a. Discussion on Possible Retreat Locations
    • b. Evaluation of Travel Options
    • c. Finalizing Travel Arrangements
  5. Accommodations
    • a. Research and Presentation of Accommodation Options
    • b. Selection and Booking of Accommodations
  6. Dining
    • a. Planning Meals for the Retreat
    • b. Catering Options
    • c. Dietary Restrictions and Preferences
  7. Working Sessions
    • a. Identifying Topics for Working Sessions
    • b. Scheduling and Allocating Time for Each Session
    • c. Facilitating Productive Discussions
  8. Outside Bonding Activities
    • a. Brainstorming and Selecting Fun Activities
    • b. Organizing and Coordinating Activities
    • c. Ensuring Safety and Accessibility
  9. Formal Retreat Invitation
    • a. Designing and Creating the Retreat Invitation
    • b. Drafting and Sending the Invitation to the Team
  10. Wrap-up and Next Steps
    • a. Recap of Retreat Discussions and Decisions
    • b. Action Items and Assignments
    • c. Planning for Follow-up Meetings
    • d. Closing Remarks and Thank You
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About Sage Team Retreat Agenda

The Sage Collective team is preparing for their annual retreat, aiming to create a new and impactful experience for everyone. This year's retreat will focus on strengthening team culture, evaluating progress, and setting objectives for the second half of the year. The agenda includes team bonding activities, deep work sessions, discussions on location and travel logistics, accommodations, dining, working sessions, outside bonding activities, and the creation of a formal retreat invitation. The team will also have a wrap-up session to summarize the retreat discussions, assign action items, and plan for follow-up meetings.

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