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Meeting Agenda

  1. Introductions
  2. Review of previous meeting minutes
  3. Purpose of the meeting
  4. Background information on the client and project
  5. Benefits and potential risks of staffing team member on client site
  6. Discussion on generating new business through client site staffing
    • a. Pros and cons of this approach
    • b. Potential impact on team dynamics and workload
  7. Evaluation of team member suitability for client site staffing
    • a. Skills and experience required
    • b. Availability and willingness to work on client site
  8. Discussion on delivering excellent results to the client
    • a. Strategies for maintaining quality while working on client site
    • b. Communication and coordination with the team
  9. Decision-making process
  10. Next steps and action items
  11. Closing remarks
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About Meeting Agenda

This meeting agenda is for a discussion among two sales people and a design manager regarding the possibility of staffing a team member on a client site to generate new business while ensuring excellent results for the client. The agenda includes introductions, review of previous meeting minutes, background information on the client and project, benefits and risks of client site staffing, evaluation of team member suitability, strategies for delivering excellent results, decision-making process, next steps, and closing remarks.

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