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Training Day Agenda

  1. Introduction and Welcome
    • a. Introduce the purpose of the training day
    • b. Provide an overview of the agenda
  2. Role Overview
    • a. Discuss the responsibilities and duties of each position
    • b. Highlight the importance of teamwork and collaboration
  3. Training Session 1: Hostess
    • a. Explain the role of a hostess in the restaurant
    • b. Cover greeting and seating guests
    • c. Discuss reservation management
  4. Training Session 2: Server Assistant
    • a. Explain the role of a server assistant in supporting the server
    • b. Cover table setup and clearing
    • c. Discuss assisting with guest requests
  5. Training Session 3: Server
    • a. Explain the role of a server in providing excellent customer service
    • b. Cover taking orders and serving food and beverages
    • c. Discuss upselling and suggestive selling techniques
  6. Training Session 4: Supervisor
    • a. Explain the role of a supervisor in overseeing the restaurant operations
    • b. Cover managing staff and resolving conflicts
    • c. Discuss handling customer complaints
  7. Break and Refreshments
    • a. Provide a designated break time for participants
    • b. Arrange for refreshments to be available
  8. Practical Exercises
    • a. Conduct role-playing exercises for each position
    • b. Allow participants to practice their skills in a simulated environment
  9. Q&A and Feedback
    • a. Encourage participants to ask questions and seek clarification
    • b. Gather feedback on the training day and make improvements
  10. Conclusion
    • a. Summarize the key takeaways from the training day
    • b. Thank participants for their attendance and participation
  11. Closing Remarks
    • a. Provide any additional information or announcements
    • b. End the training day on a positive note
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About Training Day Agenda

The training day agenda is designed to provide comprehensive training for the positions of hostess, server assistant, server, and supervisor. It covers role overviews, specific training sessions for each position, practical exercises, and a Q&A session. The agenda aims to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their respective roles.

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